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Here's a picture of "The Man" Carl Gustav Jung. Click on his picture for Jungian Info.

small.gif - 16603 Bytes Jung's Psychological Commentary of the Tibetan Book of The Dead

Read Jungs thoughts on the following subjects, click away...

knowledge.html love anima persona eastern religion psyche ego shadow animus dreams good-evil unconscious mind psychoanalysis conscious mind individaution archetypes images\junggifsliced1x11x11x1.gif

Here's a paper on the Magician Archetype, you'll find it interesting, a good first look at archetypes

Existentialism Study Guide

Self-Actualization Study Guide

, ...psychiatrist, existentialist. Do we damage our children with competition?

pdgif1.gif - 21557 Bytes

schizo.gif - 10632 Bytes

Schizophrenia Power Point Presentation

Cognitive Dissonance and More

Freud's theory...defense mechanisms...etc.



Piaget's Stages

States of Consciousness...Sleep

Existential Psychology

Zimbardo Experiment

Classical Conditioning Paradigm

Social Cognition

Enculturation ...Some Ideas

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